Designing one of a kind bikinis since 2015

As goes the story with most California girls, I grew up with a deep admiration for the beach… and all that came with it. You can always find me surfing, swimming or soaking up the Southern California sun by the waters edge. Out of beautiful San Diego is where I made my dreams of owning my own bikini line a reality. I believe that all women desire and deserve a piece that is unique to them, and them only. That is why all of my designs are one of a kind yet still reflect the beach lifestyle that we all know and love..

D’luxe Designs swim suits are hand-made, custom designs that are unique to you. You’ll never run into another woman on the beach wearing the same bikini! By hand crafting each one, I can make sure that they not only look great but they fit perfectly. If the fit isn’t right or its not what you wanted, send it right back and I’ll make sure that your satisfaction with my work is the end result. No girl should have a swim suit they don’t love wearing!

Owner and Head Designer